LitWeaver Project

LitWeaver was a Minnesota-based start-up company founded by author Will Weaver. They had a clearly-defined goal: redefine the way that quality, contemporary, literature is delivered and consumed in the classroom. For many middle and high school classrooms, contemporary literature is limited to the content available in heavy, expensive anthologies that remain with the district for years. LitWeaver sought to change this by offering electronically-delivered, teacher-curated, contemporary content at a fraction of the cost of other sources.

LitWeaver Case Study - Header

As a startup, LitWeaver had no web presence and needed a website designed from the ground up. They had a great idea and an amazing list of authors on board, but no means to share this information. 706 Media worked with LitWeaver to identify their goals, competition, and target audience, and set out to design a solution to meet their needs.

The LitWeaver website needed to accomplish several things:

  • Resonate with teachers, librarians, and administrators. They needed to quickly understand the incredible offering and the value that Litweaver provided;
  • Showcase the list of authors
  • Let visitors know when the application would be launching in a visually compelling way
  • Provide a tool to collect leads from visitors who were interested in learning more about the product after it launched.

LitWeaver Case Study - Contact Us

706 Media designed a single-page website to include a countdown timer leading up to launch day. The corresponding link targeted a lead generation form where visitors could sign up to get more information about the product. Each target group was listed, along with the benefits they would gain from the product. We also included a brief visual explanation of how the product works, followed by a pricing comparison matrix. Finally, we highlighted the authors who had signed up to participate in the LitWeaver platform to show the breadth and depth of the platform.

As CEO of a recent startup (which failed, though not by much), I can truly thank 706 Media for a great run. LitWeaver needed a professionally designed website and app to deliver content to teachers and their students. 706 Media and its guru, Eric Blosch, guided us through the design process with a steady, no-drama, supremely professional hand. He works briskly and gets things done. One of his strongest skills is in asking the right questions (aka Seeing The Big Picture), then providing a set of options to help move the project forward. In this way, 706 Media solved every problem we encountered (except funding!). It was an exciting ride, and working with 706 Media made it fun. I’m happy to recommend 706 Media without reservation.
– Will Weaver

The LitWeaver website (screenshot here) proved successful, and was eventually replaced with the application itself. Unfortunately, the educational market wasn’t ready for such a bold idea, and LitWeaver closed its doors in 2015. The site, however, served its purpose and achieved its goals.

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