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Will Weaver is an award-winning American author with a collection of titles ranging from the popular young adult novel Memory Boy to the adult fiction novel (and movie) Sweet Land. In addition to writing, Will Weaver teaches creative-writing at Bemidji State University. He also maintains a blog called In the Write, offering tips and tricks to students and aspiring authors. Savvy authors know that a website is a critical tool for showcasing their work. Will’s site had served its purpose for years, but had begun to show its age. The design had grown dated, was not mobile-ready, and not longer fully represented his artistic achievements. Will Weaver Books Case Study - Header Will contacted 706 Media, and we discussed his website goals and objectives. He wanted a simplified, elegant experience—something more reflective of the adult fiction genre that he’s exploring. He needed an easy to way to update content (e.g., new book titles), and wanted to build a subscriber list of people interested in his work. It was also important that his existing blog be an integrated part of the experience. 706 Media was tasked with the full, mobile-friendly rebuild, which included a clean, elegant experience, simplified navigation, and an easily-maintained book library. Especially important to the author were the right design qualities (tone, mood, color palette) that matched the worldview of his books. Finally, it was necessary that the author maintain a dialogue with his audience through accessible social media channels, a mailing list, and blog integration. Will Weaver Books Case Study - Library 706 Media helped the author articulate design needs, then delivered a solution that achieved his goals:
  • a modern, elegant design built to encourage site exploration;
  • a restructured architecture to make information easier to find and digest;
  • an easy-to-maintain WordPress-driven site to simplify content management;
  • a custom books library, featuring author commentary, excerpts, book details, and purchase links;
  • a subscription component and social media integration that encourages visitors to connect with the author;
  • a migration of the original blog content and integration into the overall site experience
706 Media was great! Rebuilding my author website was like a total, home remodel while I still lived there. First, 706 Media helped me articulate my vision of my “new house”, then provided an orderly, step by step, path for the makeover. No remodel is without surprises (and add-ons), but 706 Media solved each new issue with cheerful professionalism and skill. I love my new site–and I’m not alone. Traffic and book sales have surged. – Will Weaver
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