Yolo Audubon Society

706 Media Project - Yolo Audubon Society

The Yolo Audubon Society is the Yolo County chapter of the National Audubon Society, based in Davis, CA. As a non-profit, they organize field trips and put together educational programs to “foster an appreciation of birds and other wildlife”. They work to bring local conservation issues to the forefront, and to preserve bird life and habitat in Yolo County.

When the Yolo Audubon Society team contacted 706 Media, their website had grown stale, and had effectively been replaced by their Facebook page when communicating with members and visitors.

They were looking for a modern, professional, mobile-friendly site that would drive interest toward the many community events put on through their organization each month. At the same time, it was important to highlight the mission of Yolo Audubon Society and bring attention to the conservation issues in the area.

After discussing project requirements, 706 Media built a custom design centered around field trips, monthly meetings, and other events. Member photography is used throughout the site to highlight regional birds, and visitors are given a quick snapshot of the latest news and conservation-related stories while being encouraged to sign up to receive regular updates through The Burrowing Owl, their monthly newsletter.

Visit the Yolo Audubon Society.

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